Endowment Funds

Gifts to the WCHS Endowment Funds keep on giving forever!

The heart of our ability to sustain our funding is our family of endowment funds maintained by the Waseca Area Foundation. There are SEVEN funds graciously initiated and contributed to by generous members of WCHS and the Waseca County community. Our strategy is to keep building these funds to reach our goal of becoming independently sustained. If you believe in our mission - to maintain and interpret Waseca County history always, you have an opportunity to help. Consider giving to one of the following funds:

The following three endowments were initiated by WCHS with donated funds made directly to WCHS providing interest income. Make your check payable "Waseca County Historical Society."

WCHS Lifetime Endowment Fund
By board policy all Lifetime ($1,000) Memberships are forwarded to this Fund created in 2008. All of our Lifetime Members understand the need for membership support and they do so with this commitment. Many continue to donate every year over and above this Lifetime Membership.


Frank and Barbara Goodspeed Memorial Fund
This endowment was created in 2005 from a donation by Dorothy Moriarty in memory of her beloved aunt and uncle. Frank Goodspeed served on the first WCHS Board of Directors and for many years showing his belief in the importance of maintaining Waseca County history.

Phil Allen Memorial Fund
Phil Allen loved history and he loved horticulture. After a career of teaching Horticulture at the University of Minnesota, Waseca, he volunteered countless hours during the renovation process of transforming the P.C. Bailey house back to new life as the Bailey-Lewer History Research Library. Phil also worked with Joan Mooney on the landscape plan that includes so many heritage plants and flowers. When Phil died, the Phil Allen Memorial Fund was created in 2004 to specifically benefit the Bailey-Lewer Library.



The following four endowments were each initiated by an individual's direct donation to create an endowment - providing grant income. Make your check payable "Waseca Area Foundation" and designate one of these endowments, if you so desire.
It is also possible for you to create a new named endowment fund with a minimum contribution.

Edgar F. and Ethel Johnson Fund
In 1923, Edgar and Ethel Johnson started a small business in their garage in Waseca that grew to become the E.F. Johnson Co., manufacturers of radio components, CB radios, and forerunners of cellphone technology. It no longer exists, but during its time it won the coveted Navy "E" Award for WWII bond sales and radio service provided overseas. Edgar and Ethel, as well as Edgar's brothers Everett and Marvin and their wives, were proud of the company that employed so many in the Waseca area and cultivated a great work ethic and community pride. The Johnsons were especially supportive of the Waseca County Historical Society by purchasing the present museum building from the Methodist Church, renovating and donating it to the Society in 1964. The Edgar F. and Ethel Johnson Foundation was the first Waseca Area Foundation Fund created to benefit WCHS.

Waseca County Historical Society Endowment Fund
This endowment fund was created in 2000 by the Board of Directors and then Executive Director Margaret Sinn with a special anonymous donation.

Jerry and Linda Rutledge Heritage Fund
The Rutledges created this endowment fund in 2006, a statement of his continuous support for Waseca County history. Jerry is a native and lifelong resident of Waseca and retired CEO of Waseca Mutual Insurance Company. He is a current member of the Board of Directors, having served as President in 2008. During his term as Board President, he led and challenged our membership and the community to participate in the first-ever WCHS capital campaign, to celebrate Waseca County’s 150th Anniversary. Not stopping there, also in 2008, Jerry and Linda announced a generous Charitable Remainder Trust that will eventually benefit WCHS.

Wes and Carol Rethwill History Fund
Dr. Wesley Howard Rethwill Jr. was raised in Waseca, in the same beautiful brick home he was born in, and in the neighborhood of its founding fathers just off east Elm Avenue. His love for Waseca County history goes beyond remembering. He relishes the past events and people that gave him such a full life as a dentist in a small town. Besides creating this endowment fund in 2007, Dr. Rethwill has sponsored events and donated many artifacts, photographs and an oral history over the years.


For more information about donating to our endowment funds, you may contact WCHS Co-executive Director Sheila Morris, 507-835-7700; or contact Karen Buum, Executive Director, Waseca Area Foundation, 507-835-5990.