It's a big word for just sharing your passion for Waseca County history!

Whether you are having coffee with a friend or speaking at a township board meeting, or standing before one of our city councils, or the Waseca County Commissioners - it's important for friends and acquaintances to know what you care about. Also, it's very important for these governing entities to hear that members of the community care about their history. This is especially important during what we can now refer to as the Great Recession. Do not assume that our museum and library will always be here. Will you want to access your history online? Who will have that information? Who will collect the stories? Where will you find meaning in the place you call home?


As a member of the Minnesota Historical Society, we do not receive any funding for operations from MHS or the state. In fact WCHS pays MHS an annual fee.

Most grant resources do not fund operations, except some staff time managing a specific project or event.

Grants are not easy to get. They require a great deal of time to research, gather information, estimates and write narratives. No grants are automatically approved. Much time can be spent on a grant request that is not approved.

Nonprofits cannot be professionally managed and accountable with only volunteers. Though this is done in the creation of many nonprofits to get going, it requires a paid staff to be the mainstay of an organization that intends to survive.

We have a brochure that explains just how your Waseca County Museum and Library are funded. Request a copy by emailing director@historical.waseca.mn.us.