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    Child’s History of Waseca County
    By James E. Child
    This 847 page book covers the years 1854 to 1904 for Waseca County.
    Included biographical sketches of early settlers. Reprint. Indexed.
    Waseca County Landowners of Record 1879
    Compiled by Donna Fostveit
    Reprint of the 1879 Waseca County Atlas by Township with an index and short history for each township.
    We'll Be The Last Ones To Let You Down
    By Rachel Hanel
    Memoir of a gravedigger's daughter.
    Cabins of Minnesota
    Photography by Doug Ohman
    Text by Bill Holm
    A survey of Minnesota’s classic cabin getaways, with over 100 captivating color photographs by Doug Ohman and wise and witty prose by prized writer Bill Holm.
    Churches of Minnesota
    Photography by Doug Ohman
    Text by John Hassler
    A collection of images and reflections that highlight the beauty and significance of Minnesota's churches.
    Libraries of Minnesota
    Photography by Doug Ohman
    Text by
    Will Weaver, Pete Hautman, John Coy, Nancy Carlson,
    Marsha Wilson Chall, David LaRochelle, Kao Kalia Yang
    From cozy structures near small-town parks to impressive buildings in metropolitan downtowns, public libraries stand at the center of community and learning in Minnesota's landscape. Libraries of Minnesota celebrate these architectural icons and the joy of reading they have inspired in Minnesotans, present and past.
    Prairie Lake Forest
    Minnesota's State Parks
    Photography by Doug Ohman
    Text by Chris Niskanen
    Minnesota is home to prairies and forests, lakes and rivers, bison and gray wolf- and a treasured system of state parks. Photographer Doug Ohman visited each of Minnesota's sixty-six parks to capture their classic beauty, storied wildlife and wealth of activities in all seasons.
    The Streets Are Wider Now
    Waseca, Minnesota 1868-1988
    By Carol Rutledge
    This book was written for Waseca’s centennial. Contains a history of the city of Waseca sketched in photos, anecdotes, diary entries and facts gathered by 19 hometown researchers. This is the book that gives you legends, heroes, education, main street, lakes, military, religion, agriculture, Chautauquas and 25 cent church suppers; it’s about winning teams, bands and the people of Waseca.
    Images of America
    Waseca County Minnesota
    By the Waseca County Historical Society
    Over 220 photographs covering all 12 townships of Waseca County from settlement through the 1920s.
    The History of Janesville
    Complied by Janesville Centennial Committee
    This 62 page booklet contains the history of Janesville from 1856-1956.
    History of New Richland and Wilton Villages
    Complied by Herman Peterson
    New Richland, Minnesota
    A Nice Place to Come Home To
    Published by the New Richland Commercial Club
    New Richland, Minnesota
    Sportsmanship, Teamwork and Friends
    Published by the New Richland Commercial Club