Online Exhibit - Autographs

    The Waseca County Historical Society Presents:

    A collection of Autograph Verses from 1880s - 1980s
    Designed and compiled by Bonnie Hughes Falk
    Illustrated by Nancy Delage Huber

    Calling cards from WCHS Collection.
    Autograph Albums from WCHS Collection.

    "May you, my friend, be ever blest
    With friends selected from the best,
    And in return may you extend
    The gem of love to every friend."
    Autographs from the 1880s
    "Let not the dust of forgetfulness gather upon the mirror of thy memory."
    "Long may you be happy,
    Long may you be blessed,
    In a neat little cottage
    with the one you love best."
    Autographs from the 1890s
    "May your life be like a piano - straight, upright and grand."
    "Blue waters may between us roll
    And distant be our lot,
    But if we fail to meet again,
    Dear friend, forget-me-not."
    Autographs from the 1900s
    "Tis only where the shadows linger that the freshest mosses grow."
    "When night pulls down its curtain
    And pins it with a star,
    Remember you have one true friend
    No matter where you are."
    Autographs from the 1910s
    "Here's hoping your life is like a Ford - a rattling success."
    "May your life float
    Down the river of time
    Like a bob-tailed chicken
    On a watermelon rind."
    Autographs from the 1920s
    "May you sail on the ship of fortune and land on the shore of success."
    "I've never been to Harvard,
    I've never been to Yale,
    But I got my education
    In the Minnesota jail."
    Autographs from the 1930s
    "May your virtues ever spread like butter on hot gingerbread."
    "The thing that goes the farthest
    Toward making life worthwhile,
    It costs the least and does the most,
    Is just a pleasant smile."
    Autographs from the 1940s
    "In your golden chain of friendship, please regard me as a link."
    "The higher the mountain,
    The cooler the breeze,
    The younger the couple,
    The tighter they squeeze."
    Autographs from the 1950s
    "May the hinges of our friendship never rust."
    "I saw you in the ocean,
    I saw you in the sea,
    I saw you in the bathtub-
    Whoops, pardon me!"
    Autographs from the 1960s
    "It takes both the sun and the rain to make a beautiful rainbow."
    "It makes me giggle,
    It makes me laugh,
    To think you wanted
    My autograph."
    Autographs from the 1970s
    "There are big ships and little ships, but no ship like friendship."
    Autographs from the 1980s
    "Life is an autograph, write it well!"