Past Events - 2015 - Spring Luncheons

    March Luncheon

    March 26, 2015, Luncheon with guest speaker T.J. Malaskee. T.J. informed and entertained luncheon guests with loads of information about the Granges around the United States and specifically in Minnesota and Waseca County.

    T.J. Malaskee talking with luncheon guests after his lecture. Waseca County Historical Society Co-Director, Joan Mooney and T.J. Malaskee.

    April Luncheon

    Edgar Barens presented his Oscar nominated film, "Prison Terminal", to 76 luncheon guests. Prison Terminal: The Last Days of Private Jack Hall is a verité documentary that breaks through the walls of one of America’s oldest maximum security prisons to tell the story of the final months in the life of Jack Hall, a terminally ill prisoner, and the trained hospice volunteers - they themselves prisoners - who care for him. This film was so well done, Edgar’s talented filming techniques were able to capture so many emotions and portray a story that left everyone feeling the effects of this neglected social issue.

      Edgar Barens and Jim Tippy, Retired FCI Warden
      Edgar and a member of the Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council. 


    May Luncheon

    Around 1952, Charlie Hofmann began to document the lives of bees living on his apiary. He took great pride in researching and discovering the perfect way to capture up-close photographs of these wonderful little creatures. Charlie was able to create a grand slide show presentation which he presented to students and other groups for about 30 years. Larry and his father Charlie worked to convert the slide show presentation into a VHS format and then a DVD format. Unfortunately, Charlie passed away in 2009 and was unable to view the finished DVD presentation. In hopes of giving people a greater appreciation of the wonderful work his father created, Larry presented his father’s film, The World of Bees, to our luncheon guests.

    Larry Hofmann Larry showing his father's first camera.
    Larry Hofmann and Don Zwach Larry Hofmann and the Jewisons

    The World of Bees
    A Short History of the Hofmann Honey Farm

    All of our Spring Luncheon Lecture Series are funded, in part, by the Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council with an appropriation from the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the State's general fund.