Past Events - 2014 - WCHS Annual Meeting

    WCHS Annual Meeting
    Sunday, November 9, 2014
    Masonic Temple / Aughenbaugh House
    Waseca, MN

    WCHS Board Member Katie Youngberg, WCHS Co-Director Joan Mooney,
    WCHS Volunteer Donna Fostveit
    WCHS Co-Director Sheila Morris,
    WCHS Board Members Linda Grant
    WCHS Volunteer Jan Hunter and WCHS Genealogist Linda Taylor WCHS Co-Directors Joan Mooney and Sheila Morris
    WCHS Volunteer Bonnie Kastner and her daughters  
      WCHS Board Member Katie Youngberg, WCHS Board Member Rev. Espe and his wife Kathy Espe
    WCHS Board Member Linda Grant, WCHS Board Member Dave Dunn and his wife Melissa Dunn, WCHS Volunteer Ruth Searle WCHS Volunteers Karl Jones and Jan Hunter, WCHS Genealogist Linda Taylor and her husband Gary Taylor
    WCHS Members Kathy Oftedahl, Kathleen Flitsch and Wilda Smith