Past Events - 2013 - Spring Luncheons

    March Luncheon

    March 28, 2013, Luncheon with guest speaker Newell Searle. Newell spoke about how certain happenings in American history helped shape his own family history.


    April Luncheon

    April 25, 2013, Luncheon with guest speaker David Welna. David filled our ears with talk about growing up in Waseca.


    May Luncheon

    May 23, 2013, Luncheon with guest speaker Rachel (Hager) Hanel. Rachel spoke very peacefully and respectfully regarding her growing up in Waseca and spending her childhood Summer days assisting her father with cemetery duties in Waseca County.


    May Luncheon

    May 30, 2013, Luncheon with guest speaker Larry Hofmann. Larry talked about being an artist all his life and how music helped shape him into what he is today.



    All of our Spring Luncheon Lecture Series are made possible by grants provided by the Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council with funds appropriated by the Minnesota State.