Past Events - 2009 - Spring Luncheons

    March Luncheon

    Our March 26, 2009 Luncheon with guest speaker Joan Claire Graham, Genealogist and Author
    The "Importance and Fun of Recording Your Own Family History."

    Since 2001, Joan Claire Graham has traveled throughout Minnesota gathering true stories for this book series. These are true stories told by people across Minnesota. Joan did an awesome job inspiring everyone to become motivated to tell and preserve their stories for generations to come. A few of Joan Claire Graham's books are available to read at the Waseca County Historical Society Bailey House Research Center.


    April Luncheon

    Our April 23, 2009 Luncheon with guest speaker Doug Ohman, Photographer
    "State Parks of Minnesota"

    Doug Ohman has taken photographs for many books including; "Cabins of Minnesota," "Schoolhouses of Minnesota," "Churches of Minnesota," "Barns of Minnesota," "Courthouses of Minnesota" and now "State Parks of Minnesota." Doug showed our luncheon guests many inspiring photos from the many state parks in Minnesota.

    May Luncheon

    Our May 28, 2009 Luncheon with guest speaker Susan Davis Price, Authour
    "Northern Treasure"

    Susan Davis Price showed many slides from her new book about the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and Horticultural Research Center. She took Waseca County Historical Society luncheon guests on a photo slideshow tour of the Minnesota Arboretum during the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter seasons. She encouraged everyone to share their memories about their visits to the Minnesota Arboretum and also encouraged those that have never been to the Arboretum to make plans to attend the Arboretum this year.



    All of our Spring Luncheon Lecture Series are made possible by grants provided by the Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council with funds appropriated by the Minnesota State.