Past Events - 2000 - WCHS Annual Meeting

    WCHS Annual Meeting on Thursday, October 19, 2000 brought out a good crowd with a Potluck Supper!

    WCHS Board members Dan Swenson, Tom Hagen, Luverne Ewert and Don Wynnemer were there to host the 40+ members who attended and brought food. Director Margaret Sinn opened with an overview of the year's happenings: the launching of the WCHS website and its accessibility to the public; the completion and celebration of the Bailey/Lewer house renovation and its conversion to our Research Center; the painting of the museum dome by Mark Barens; and, the robbery that occurred to both buildings in September.

    Joan Mooney, spoke about programming; Terrie Barens described her work on the artifacts collections and designing the exhibits; and, Sheila Morris talked about her work with the photo collection and creation of the WCHS website. President Don Wynnemer closed the meeting with thanks to the staff and volunteers.